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Friday, July 15th, 2011

Well it’s been another weird but good week and one of the things that made it so was the fact that I was invited back onto the BBC Radio Scotland talk show “MacAulay & Co”, hosted by Fred MacAulay.  This time they wanted me to share some hints and tips about managing your email.

I would say this show is not geared towards business listeners but just the general listener who has the radio switched on at home who enjoys talk shows, getting snippets of information and sometimes participating in a phone-in.

As such I thought about what I was going to say and I had prepped a bit before I went on, about tips I could give to the average listener about their home email.  Some of these tips too can also apply to the business community.  Although I was on air for longer than the last interview, it was still fairly short.

I hope that the general public – and also anyone tuning in to listen here in my blog or You Tube page – will get something out of it.

If you have found it helpful and would like a FREE FACTSHEET containing more hints and tips about email, please email me here.

Watch/Listen here on You Tube

Happy listening!

Marj Beattie
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