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Monday, March 28th, 2011

It’s been a while since I blogged and there’s no excuse really except that we’ve been exceptionally busy.  A concerted effort is overdue on the blogging front to keep you informed of what’s been happening, starting with this one.

I’m now feeling refreshed after my month long holiday to Australia.  It was amazing and such a beautiful country that myself and my hubby are planning to go back again soon.  We have lots of relatives there and it was great to meet some members of the family for the first time and to see the others who have visited our Scottish shores once again. 

As many of you will know, my other passion (apart from Secretary4hire) is my music and my band and I got to indulge in the Aussie music scene quite a bit when we were there, as one of our relatives and her husband also has a band and a choir.  We had loads of fun jamming on the porch as well as the going-away jam session/shindig that was organised for us before we left in the house. Out went the sofas onto the porch and in came the drum kit, amps and PA. A fantastic night was had by all, not least by me, the last to leave at 7am!

Whilst in Australia, a lot of people were very curious about my “job”.  When I told them I was a Virtual Assistant, a lot of them hadn’t a clue what this was.  I explained it in layman’s terms and, as everyone is online, sent them to my website which showed in black and white and also pictures what I was conveying by mouth.  It turns out there’s a thriving VA industry in Australia.  Some of the relatives work in the media and they were extremely interested in the concept of what we do – not least due to the fact that our daytime is their nighttime and vice versa so a client in Australia can send their work to us during their daytime, we wake up here in the UK and complete the work and it’s back with them by the time they reach the office the next morning.

Secretary4hire has one ad-hoc client in Australia at the moment and this system works really well.  I’m going to be using my contacts and knowledge acquired whilst there to point out the attractiveness and benefits to other potential clients.  So if you are a small Aussie business looking for an excellent Virtual Assistant company to assist your business, contact us about the benefits of working with us.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and we hope the future will include further clients from Down Under benefiting from the fantastic service that Secretary4hire provides.
Tel: +44 (0)141 530 9686
Tel2: +44 (0)844 884 2818

Marj Beattie of Secretary4hire has a little lie down with Skippy and family



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